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Herzeleid Icons
Graphics by Jedistardust
37 Icons + other goodies 
27th-Jun-2007 08:47 pm

℘ 8 Jack Davenport
℘ 3 animated Dr Who
℘ 26 Rammstein, 1 animated
℘ 1 Till Lindemann Header, 2 variations
℘ 1 Till Lindemann Wallpaper

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#37 was an entry in ramm_icontest

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Die Wahrheit ist ein Chor aus Wind
kein Engel kommt um euch zu rächen
diese Tage eure letzten sind
wie Stäbchen wird es euch zerbrechen
"Der Meister" - Rammstein

Ich will eure Stimmen hören
Ich will die Ruhe stören
Ich will dass ihr mich gut seht
Ich will dass ihr mich versteht
Ich will in Beifall untergehen
"Ich Will" - Rammstein

Der beste Seemann war doch ich
"Seeman" - Rammstein

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28th-Jun-2007 04:26 am (UTC)
i love nr 42! (lol, actually i came across your icons while searching for some doctor who ones...) do you mind telling me the story behind no 87/88? (big rammstein fan here myself)
28th-Jun-2007 04:50 am (UTC)
Oh wow! Haha, I hadn't even linked to this community from anywhere yet I just finished making it, so that's pretty awesome you stumbled upon it! And also cool to meet another person who likes Dr Who AND Rammstein =)

From videos I've seen on Youtube it's at some sort of party, perhaps backstage, and Till and Richard give each other a quick kiss.
28th-Jun-2007 05:21 am (UTC)
amazing i found this entry then Oo and nice meeting you ,too :)
till and richard kissing is really hot!
28th-Jun-2007 05:34 am (UTC)
*g* I'm glad you agree XD
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